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Pole Jumping Sack

A little animation test I made during Collabs 2013. Each of us had to come up with an idea of a failed attempt of the flour sack to get over the wall.

Flour Sack Animation Test

(flour sack rig by Belal Ballout)


Louie was the final project of my first year at college. He was supposed to be one of two characters in a movie me and a classmate of mine were thinking about making, but it didn't happen eventually.


I did all of the design and modeling, and used the Setup Machine and Face Machine by Anzovin Studio for rigging him, so he is animation ready.


More pictures to come soon.

Original Character Rig

(design, modeling, rigging)

Barcelona Locker Room

When we got asked at IAC college to come up with an idea for a 3D room environment, I immediately knew what I was going to do. Being such a fan of the Barcelona Football Club, I was just waiting for the opportunity to make something related to the team.


Fun fact: The locker room shown here is actually the visitor's locker room, but I filled it with Barcelona shirts because, well... I'm a fan.

3D Environment Project
(modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering)

Nir Hermoni

This guy is a living legend in Israel. He was generous enough to donate his head to the mercy of the IAC college students, providing great references for the first organic modeling assignment of the program. Here's my take on it.

Realistic Head Project

(modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering)

Head - Front
Head - Side
Head - Perspective 1
Head - Perspective 2
Tango Statue

My first ever 3D project. The assignment was to center the attention on one main object.

This small statue is made from screws and nails, and is very typical to Argentina (the tango originated from Argentina and Uruguay). I really liked how you can create such a strong moment from everyday objects like that.
Traveling in South America for several months before starting college, and considering my South American background (I was born in Uruguay), it was only natural for me to choose this object.

3D Object Project

(modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering)

ESPN Magazine - Superbowl XLIV Edition

This was a fun little assignment and I really enjoyed making it. The idea was to incorporate a 3D object into a fake magazine cover.


I chose to show my love for American Football, so I made the helmets as my 3D object, and used Photoshop for the rest of the magazine. Nothing too fancy, but I really enjoyed working on it.


Fun fact: I made this cover in week 9 of the regular season, so I had to guess which teams would make it to the superbowl. It was a calculated guess, but it worked like a charm eventually.

Fake Magazine Cover Project

(helmets - modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering)

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